Finally someone else has noticed this too:

I’ve been telling people this for EVER. The outfits are even identical. They are making this series SUCH A TROLL.
Which two guys famously had a feisty younger female companion to help them pick up young people and put them in harms way? 

told you so

But in all seriousness, you do have to wonder if the iconic Brady mug shot image has, in permeating the cultural unconscious to the extent that it has, made itself available as a template to be plucked from the ether when an actor who resembles him and a strangely similar logistical and power dynamic happens to come along. I know it is at risk of trivialising to compare the two, but, allusions to elements of these famous archetypes are how popular culture quickly and efficiently creates certain atmospheres subtextually without having to ever explicitly announce a connection. It seems almost disingenuous to deny that the makers of Who and Capaldi himself have been making claims for how much “darker” etc this series is going to be. Emulating the Brady mugshot suiting (or rather, the kind of masculinity and dark austerity of purpose that it has come to signify) doesn’t exactly hurt when emphasising that facet of the Doctor. And of course, all texts by virtue of their very existence automatically are in dialogue with all other texts, be they pictures or murderers or episodes of alien adventure shows.

what time of year was it what jumper were you wearing

However unintended, there is certainly the possibility for an extremely creepy reading of the Doctor (thanks for taking this and running with it, Moffat): one that foregrounds the quasi-imperialist, instrumentalist, gendered power-imbalanced implications of this 900-odd year old alien from a ~more advanced race legging it from his war-related crimes and coming to earth to almost exclusively pick up young earth women for unpaid PA duties and sort of semi-romantic pseudo-sexual relationships.
(Which of course only became yet more noticeable as he got made the king of the gin and bunting nationalist brigade. We might know him by the company he keeps and so forth..)
Just batting around some ideas, but, ultimately: HMMMM.

*Sits back and waits for all the Whovians who haven’t already wtf-ed at me IRL about this to pile in*