About Me

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My name is Het Phillips and I’m writing a PhD thesis about representations of ‘The Moors Murderers’ (Ian Brady and Myra Hindley) and ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’ (Peter Sutcliffe) in popular culture. I look at gender, sexuality, class and constructions of ‘the North’ and how these killers are used to talk about these themes beyond their original legal/historical settings.

Some of my research interests include: crime, popular culture, gender, sexuality, masculinity, class, constructions of a British ‘North’, the mid-20th century, visual culture, Graham Greene, spaces and landscapes, the uncanny, James Joyce, hauntings, and indie music’s alternative histories of crime.

I am a member of the Crime Studies Network, I have until recently chaired the Roles Sexuality and Gender Forum, I have worked as a research assistant for GAFT and CFWD, and I recently taught the Introduction to Film Studies module to first year students in American and Canadians Studies at the University of Birmingham.

In case you’re interested in tracking me down and/or can’t be arsed to google me, here’s my legit university profile, and my academia.edu.

Out in the world of not-academia, I like ~doing crafts~, clothes, DIY indie music and culture, halloween-related kitsch, industrial architecture, over the top hair and makeup, watching terrible British crime dramas, shouting at the telly, eating delicious foods, the seaside, and complaining a lot. I write a fashion and fat activism blog, and I make a zine about my life.


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