Delicious Research

delicious research

This week’s #AcWriBloMo is draw your research in the form of a cake or other foodstuff. Because #yolo. My thesis is about representations of the Moors Murders and Peter Sutcliffe in popular culture. I don’t know how well I summarised it but the tiny haircuts took me ages so, wevs.

Next week’s theme, in honour of the start of term, is about new stuff – new ideas, new directions, new beginnings.


This reminds me that I did once make murderer biscuits for a fashion/talent show (Hamburger Queen). To be honest I misunderstood how coherent my stage persona was supposed to be, so, because I was doing a talk about the aesthetics of murder for the talent round I thought, welp, better run with this. I got my comeuppance for this foolhardy (AND WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE, PROBABLY) idea; the judges weren’t very impressed with either the taste or the aesthetics. One of them said my Fred and Rose West looked like the Beatles, and then the host Scottee accidentally dropped my Hindley biscuit down a gap in the stage because it was crumblier than expected. Here she was:


I’m definitely a proper academic.


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